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We need your support!

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Did you know we deliver to 5-10 Henrico families a day, five days a week? That we deliver to nearly every zip code in Henrico County? Did you know we need your help to keep our delivery service going?

Your support can ensure that the members of our Henrico community have access to food. It takes $18 to feed 1 neighbor. That means:

  • $25= 1 family meal
  • $50= 3 family meals
  • $100= 5 family meals
  • $200= 11 family meals
  • $500= 27 family meals
  • $1,000= 53 family meals
With your help, we can see an end to hunger in Henrico county. Thank you for your commitment to our work and our community. Together we can feed Henrico County!